Welcome to Santa's Favourite website in Santa's Favourite city. It's based on his best selling copyrighted image called, " The Spirit of Christmas"., which is a very creative work of art.  When you purchase these products you make a difference. You become Part of the Spirit that states, "We can take care of each other and this world of ours". The retail portion of each sale on this site will be used to purchase Organics for Foodbanks. This food will be delivered to food banks across Canada ,  America and wherever the need is great in our world. This food is delivered by organized groups of volunteers and no administrative costs are covered by the charitable retail portion. 

This approach directly supports our communities and environment, and serves the public interest while contributing to generational stewardship. All products are shipped exclusively by Canada Post and it's affiliated international postal carriers.  All sales will be audited and presented on this site for all to see.The care of a group begins with ourselves. Show someone you are thinking of them and have a letter carrier deliver one of Santa's Favourites.   

Our products are delivered door to door because Santa said so. Parents please encourage your kids to write to Santa with his Favourite Cards on Christmas Eve. If Santa sees these cards on Christmas Eve he knows you are helping support humanity. He also mentioned if the parents and kids write a message on the inside left of the card, he will do his best to reply on the inside right of the card when he delivers your presents.

Below is the letter exchange that started , "The Spirit of Christmas" program.

Thank you for being Part of the Spirit. Our products deliver more. Re-Store Life's Energy, organically.
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