Steven Jackson has been an entrepreneur since his early years. At age 12 he founded and developed a worm supply business for fishermen in Grimsby, Ontario. In his teenage years he began the construction of greenhouses for the harvesting of hydroponic lettuce. This was revolutionary in North America during the 70's. In his 20's he started.
The Art of Attraction Ltd. at Dixie Value Mall in Mississauga, Ontario which grew over the next two decades into the highest dollar per square foot retail outlet in it's industry. This business eventually led Steve to the town of
Guelph, Ontario. 

His flag ship store was located at Stone Road Mall in Guelph.  It was here where Steve met Janet Perry and the two purchased a beautiful home and started another successful enterprise called Norfolk Guest House.  This bed and breakfast has catered to many over the years and has won awards of excellence with accolades written in several magazines. Steve also met John Mahnic in this store and successfully negotiated for the rights to the work of art called The Spirit of Christmas for 115 years.   Steve's latest venture is Santa's Favourite products in conjunction with Part of the Spirit which is the culmination of several businesses rolled into one with his exclusive rights to
" The Spirit of Christmas".

Steve's first career interview occurred with Canada Post in 2004.
He was hired as a letter carrier where he still works today.

(Below is a photo of The Art of Attraction in Stone Road Mall during the late 1990's)