Letter Carriers

This program has been evolving with the largest companies in the world. Loblaws and Walmart were the first majors to sell our framed product nationally. Shoppers Drug Mart, President's Choice, Zellers, HomeOutfitters, Michael's Arts and Crafts, Plak-it, Rokan Laminating, Zehrs, Provigo,  Fortinos,  Great Atlantic Superstores,  London Foods,  Quebecor World,  BDO Dunwoody,  Meijer's , Kroger, Safeway, Whirley, Smith/Valeriote, Theo International, Border Trends and Winn-Dixie were all Part of the Spirit.

This brand new venture is expanding on it's established national and growing international options.
Canada Post letter carriers and carriers in all countries are now the exclusive couriers of all our products.
All the retail profits of each sale on this site will purchase Organics for Foodbanks. This food is delivered nationally and internationally to reputable food services by groups of volunteers. It is something we can all bank on.

Our products deliver more. Re-Store Life's Energy,  organically.  Thank you for being Part of the Spirit .

This was our launch with Loblaws along with the sale of Santa's Favourite framed prints. The sales contributed to the original purchase of President's Choice Organics from Zehrs in   
Guelph, Ontario.


The sales of Santa's Favourite framed prints also contributed to the purchase of food from Walmart stores.

Here is the original purchase of President's Choice Organics. This food was delivered to Guelph and Toronto, where it was distributed by volunteers to the Canadian Food Banks
across Canada.