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Part of the Spirit products are part of the on going development of this program.  This section will contain updated information on all the new product launches and events as they occur. All Part of the Spirit items are exclusive to those who participate. The same applies to all of Santa's Favourite products. Part of the Spirit's all year products will include shirts and mugs filled with cookies, chocolates and candies.

Free media is available for organizations and individuals who are Part of the Spirit.

September 12/2015

Hello Guelph,

Santa paid a visit this summer and I had a heart to heart talk about how people are finding this all hard to believe. He rubbed his beard,  looked up at the sky, then at the house and backyard and said," Ask the citizens of Guelph to look at the present I give this Christmas.  You have my permission to show it all on your website like you did with our original letter exchange. They'll love it".

Santa will also be forwarding videos of his future trips to Guelph since he's hooking up a camera to his sleigh and wants to help promote the program.  He also said something quickly as he was leaving about doing interviews with people who are getting involved and filming any positive event occurring in Guelph".

Santa's hint for this year's present , " Follow the Rock Way" . 

Our products deliver more. Thank you for being Part of the Spirit.

December 27/2015

Merry Christmas Guelph,

We now have our very own " Spirit of Christmas" that is going international.

Santa promised something very special for us this Christmas and he always delivers the goods. On Christmas day I woke up to a renovated home complete with an array of world exclusive product lines.  I also received a book that contains all the program's history complete with newspaper clippings and much more. This program becomes more unique with every Christmas.  What Santa has given to Guelph is extraordinary.  He also gave me copies of the first videos of him flying over Guelph, the church, our head office and the River Run Centre.  Very cool !  He was right when he said you'll love it.

All these presents will be uploaded in the new year. Wait til you see, the infinite possibility.

I hope your Christmas was good as well and your new year is a happy one.



PS: The Rock Way has several meanings and all of them very good for Guelph, the program and all the participants. All the possibilities are very clear in the videos.  Stay tune. They're a must see !

July 19/2016

Hello Guelph,  Santa here,  how are you all ?

Today is Steve's birthday!  All of us here at the North Pole thought we would write another letter of support while wishing him a happy birthday.  Most people don't know Steve or what he has been through over the last 15 years. He is an honest man and a hard worker which is why we got involved with him in the first place.  He is very engaging which some misunderstand since the world has become more suspicious in general.  Last year Steve shared with me how people were finding all this hard to believe. so we promised a special Christmas gift for Guelph to help out the situation.

Steve wrote us after Christmas and thank us on behalf of Guelph for all the Christmas presents and ideas we gave. Your very welcome Steve and I hope Guelph prospers and feels unique in the world.  Steve also mentioned those in his neighborhood who have helped him over the last 4 years. We believe they deserve a place on our favourite website for all to see. I generally refer to people with their first name. Science has proven that a person's first name is one of the nicest sounds they can hear. There are many who have helped at Canada Post and at the major retailers as well. These are the ones involved in the consortium of interests mentioned at our head office and on this website. The following paragraph contains the names of neighbours who have helped Steve in some way and supported the program.

Candy has always been there with landscaping plants and patiently listening to Steve's long winded rambles about the property, it's challenges and potential. Jason gave his best look into purchasing the property for the program. Ken offered help with renovations and Emma with cleaning services when the property developed into the Bed and Breakfast. Ann-Marie was very helpful with our introduction of Santa's Favourite Mug.  David also gave creative license and other rights to Steve to secure this location as a tenant. There are many other neighbors who have helped in other ways and we will mention them in time as well.  Sometimes a simple smile and hello can mean a lot more than you know.

On another very important note, climate change is  real and is a great concern for many governments, people and now Mrs Claus and the Elves. We are worried about our climate in the North Pole and are considering moving our manufacturing operations. It looks like Guelph is our top choice.  It is rather prophetic considering The University of Toronto's study also chose Guelph as the most likely place we would live.  I wrote a letter for all the real estate agents and property investors who toured 161 Dufferin and discussed a great plan for the property.  A copy of that letter will appear here shortly.  Steve also contacted Royal Lepage  to see how we could arrange to buy the house for this business.  I am sure there are many options in this regard.

When I was with Steve last summer I took a look at this house and the surrounding area.   I thought,  why doesn't Guelph get rid of that ugly warehouse and the dangerous hydro tower and replace it with an organic village complete with organic retailers and restaurants?  Build it for walking and biking in a style reminiscent of how Guelph looked when it was first built.  Like going back in time to a healthier time.
 A very unique village in the heart of the Royal City. People would visit from all over and it would be a great addition to the community. A portion of every sale made within this village would be donated toward the purchase of organic food and delivered to those with food insecurities. A perfect circle of goodness and we have many years to encourage such a vision. The consortium of interested parties would grow exponentially. There are several local businesses who have expressed an interest already.

I look forward to seeing what the citizens of Guelph will do.  I believe in them !

Follow the Rock Way to Santa's Favourite Village, Guelph, Ontario. Thanks to all those who have supported the development of this program and it's vision so far.  Like all home buyers and business developers there are many options to consider. The home our businesses get involved with will become very unique indeed and will have a long and valuable experience. Thanks again to all those who are Part of the Spirit.

See you soon Guelph and have a happy birthday Steve.  Be good and stay in touch .


PS: Steve mentioned that many more videos were made of Guelph since last Christmas and that all these videos along with all the ones I sent are now being arranged and edited by a graphic designer. They all should be up and viewable in August just in time for all the retailers to view.  I'm very excited to see them and Guelph will love this unique view of their city.  Daisy will do a great job.

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