The Centrepiece

This is the centrepiece of the Santa program. It is located at the centre of the showcase that Santa prepared as a gift for Guelph . We are trying to follow as much of the advice that Santa has given in The Spirit of Christmas Book and in his letters. The Red Mug is Santa's Favourite and we are now looking to fill this mug with as many different organic treats as we can and retail them through as many avenues as possible. It builds on the advice that Santa gave in The Spirit of Christmas Book that can be seen in the video. Last Christmas we introduced this mug with organic shortbread cookies made by With the Grain Bakery in Guelph who are mentioned in the newspaper link on our site. We are in discussions to introduce four new flavours. 

We would also like to encourage organic chocolate manufacturers to consider making bite sized versions of their products to fill this mug. The same goes for organic gummy bears, jelly beans, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate truffles and any other candies or treats we can arrange. We are now attempting to arrange for a Guelph based supplier for these mugs and a supply of environmentally friendly K-Cups to fill with Santa's Favourite Organic Coffee. Once that is achieved  we are ready to go forward . Please contact Steve at any time with your suggestions for involvement in the centre piece of the Santa Program.

Merry Christmas Guelph.
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The Book 
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Santa's Coming
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